July 30, Friday ~ Amy De’Ath, Octavio R. Gonzalez, Gordon Massman, Tracy O Connor, Joanna Ruocco, Kate Schapira & Dustin Williamson!

25 Jul

7 PM on July 30 @ Goodbye Blue Monday – Bushwick, Brooklyn


Amy De’Ath studied American Literature with Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia and at Temple University in Philadelphia. Her poems have appeared in Onedit, QUID and others. Crater Press recently published her broadside, Andromeda, The World Works for Me. She has two short books forthcoming in 2010. Her first collection will be published by Salt, and a chapbook will be coming out from Oystercatcher later in the year. Her poetry blog can be found at www.amydeath.wordpress.com. “Amy De’Ath is the new fire for mortals. She peoples space. She plays tricks with the gods and with her readers. This is personal, and it’s hot shit.” — Marcus Slease


Octavio Gonzalez is a Dominican-American poet from Santo Domingo and Brooklyn, N.Y.  He teaches literature and composition at Rutgers University, where he is a doctoral student in English. Some of his work appears online and in print, in Puerto del Sol, OCHO, MiPoesias, and other journals. His first chapbook, The Book of Ours, has just been published by Momotombo Press.


Attempting with the scientist’s objectivity, Gordon Massman has numbered over twenty-one hundred slices of his psyche in order to discover his most basic urges, motives, fears, addictions, and desires. He aspires to be the literary human genome project, and in doing so, unearth as fearlessly as possible aspects not only of his own, but those of the universal male psychology. Tarpaulin Sky Press recently published his collection, The Essential Numbers. This summer Spork Press will release a chapbook of this work.


Traci O Connor’s first collection of fiction, Recipes For Endangered Species, was recently released by Tarpaulin Sky Press, and she has published fictions and poems in various journals and magazines, including Mid-American Review, Gargoyle, DIAGRAM, LIT Magazine, The Pinch, H_NGM_N, Fourteen Hills, Margie, Green Mountains Review, Sidebrow, Barrowstreet, CV2 and Poet Lore. Traci’s currently at work on a collection of flash-memoirs about her Mormon childhood called Shell-Shaped Pieces of Bone and a second collection of short stories. She teaches writing and literature at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina where she lives with her spouse—the writer, Jackson Connor—their four children, one labradoodle, and a ‘cat.’


Joanna Ruocco lives in Denver, Colorado. She is the author of a novel, The Mothering Coven, published by Ellipsis Press, and a short story collection, Man’s Companions, published by Tarpaulin Sky. She co-edits Birkensnake, a fiction journal, with Brian Conn.


Kate Schapira is the author of TOWN (Factory School, Heretical Texts, 2010) and several chapbooks from Flying Guillotine Press, Cy Gist Press, horse less press, Rope-A-Dope Press and Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. She runs the Publicly Complex reading series in Providence, RI.


Dustin Williamson is the author of Obstructed View (Salacious Banter), Exhausted Grunts (Cannibal), and Gorilla Dust (Open 24 Hours). He publishes Rust Buckle Books, and is the current Monday night coordinator at the Poetry Project in NYC.


Goodbye Blue Monday

1087 Broadway
(corner of Dodworth St)
Brooklyn, NY 11221-3013
(718) 453-6343

J M Z trains to Myrtle Ave
or J train to Kosciusko St


Hosted by Amy King and Ana Božičević


Listeners will receive one-of-a-kind hand-painted, hand-made & signed copies of Syllabic Verse by Bill Knott. First to come, first to receive one of these rare books!


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