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Joe Hall + Sandra Liu + Dolan Morgan + Niina Pollari + Jacqueline Waters

3 Aug

7 PM on August 17th @ Goodbye Blue Monday – Bushwick, Brooklyn

Joe Hall’s poems have appeared in Gulf Coast, Lo-Ball, HTMLGiant and elsewhere. Black Ocean Press published his first book, Pigafetta Is My Wife, in 2010. His second book, written with Chad Hardy, is The Container Store Vols I & II (SpringGun 2012).

Sandra Liu‘s work can be found in 1913, Hoboeye, and the Beloit Poetry Journal. She currently provides guidance for science & arts grantees at the poles and in New York City. Her debut chapbook, On Poems On, was recently released by Ugly Duckling Presse.

Dolan Morgan lives and writes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. You can find his work in The Believer, Armchair/Shotgun, Field and TRNSFR, among others. His work mythologizing airplane hijackings has been featured in the documentary project, Fortnight Journal. More at

Niina Pollari wrote two chapbooks, Fabulous Essential and Book Four. A translation from the Finnish of the poetry of Tytti Heikkinen is forthcoming from Action Books in the fall. With Judy Berman, she is editing an anthology called It’s Complicated: Feminists Write about the Misogynist Art We Love.

Jacqueline Waters‘ One Sleeps the Other Doesn’t was recently published by Ugly Duckling Presse. She is the author of one previous collection, A Minute without Danger (Adventures in Poetry), and edits The Physiocrats, a pamphlet press.

Hosted by Jenny Zhang + Joanna Penn Cooper  + J. Hope Stein


Goodbye Blue Monday

1087 Broadway
(corner of Dodworth St)
Brooklyn, NY 11221-3013
 (718) 453-6343

J M Z trains to Myrtle Ave
or J train to Kosciusko St